J T Linville

Upright Bass


J T Linville was born into a music family. He is the youngest of 5 and the only male sibling. In Chorus his teacher said he didn’t have a musical path, so his mom taught him how to sing and play guitar to gospel tunes. He was around 10 when he started playing the upright bass when he joined a youth orchestra. He attended the jams at the lake toxaway community center and spent time at the Brevard Music Center. His childhood was filled with music.When he was about 17 he began to feel the freedom to explore the sounds he could make with his instrument. When he jammed with the Mason Jar Drinkers he was able to relax and and be himself, not being told the correct way to play, just feeling it, J T Style.

“Getting into that place where I can zone into the vibrations of the music and groove out is what life is all about.”

His professional musical carrier really took off with his band Fox Fire. Leaving home to go on tour for months at a time he had to learn how to keep himself fed and warm. Then he and his sister Jonlyn, with Josh Carter and others formed into Spencer and the String Ticklers. Now he regularly plays with his sisters and cousins in a band called Chrysalis, The Pretty Little Goat String Band, and The Hogtown Squealers.

“Playing with Pretty Little Goat the music seems to come out of nowhere, it just happens. Then you feel this euphoric, meditative, pleasure. There is no better feeling than playing music with a group of musicians as we do in the Pretty Little Goat.”

J T is a very down to earth chill guy with nothing holding him back. He dosen’t have a cell phone and is often out exploring hidden places in the wilderness. He quit high school because he kept seeing people getting educations and not getting anywhere except in dept. He started doing construction, granite work and wood working to make a living. He likes using his hands and learning from experience. He is always whistling and humming tunes at work or in the woods.

“Music is everywhere…. birds, crickets, rain, the wine of car tires. the sound of engines shifting, hitting a locust pole with an axe…I love finding rhythms in nature.”

J T has recently taken up teaching music to children through Transylvania Youth Strings. “It is really awesome to see younger, less developed minds understanding music.” He thinks in our culture and society right now it is very important to keep children playing music.