Mallory Carter


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Mallory Carter has always had an interest in rhythms and patterns. At UNCA she fell in love with pattens in nature and learned ways of expressing these patterns through the language of mathematics. She also fell in love with Contra dancing where she met her husband Josh Carter and was introduced to old time music. After graduation she went on a road trip with Josh and his friend Steve. She found a washboard at an antique store. That’s when it all started. Busking in cities across the states, paying their way to California off tips. Now they live in Brevard, North Carolina, with their two little boys and baby girl and woofers; milking goats, making cheese, wild crafting, gardening, fermenting, and playing mountain music.

“After only a short time of playing with the Pretty Little Goat String Band, I new we had something special, worth keeping. When we play it feels like we know what everyone is thinking and feeling. Somehow the normal bubbles that prevent people from connecting are broken and music happens. I love picking up on the different rhythms of each instrument and feeding off everyones awesome energy.”