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Welcome to our website!  Pretty Little Goat has been around for over 10 years now and we are finishing up our 4th studio Album, 'Southland'.  We think this collection of songs represents our best work yet and can't wait for you to listen to them and let us know what you think. 

The idea of the project is to artistically, emotionally and energetically capture the essence of existence at a certain time and place.  The southern appalachians have been home to many different types of people over thousands of years and the result is a very uniquely iconic culture represented by everything from the food we eat, the homes we live in, the accents you hear and the music that is played.  As a tip of the hat to our ancestors, Southland features a couple of traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes, and the rest is original music; songs and tunes that weave together stories and threads into an album made to listen to all the way through..

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Pretty Little Goat is grassroots music at its finest. The band formed in 2013 through their common grounding in the deep well of local tradition found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. As young lovers of old-time music, Pretty Little Goat began winning string band competitions right away. Over the last six years the Goats have collaborated with many well respected local musicians including Jamie Laval, Blake Ellege, members of the Steep Canyon Rangers, Jeff Sipe, Jonathan Grey of Jump Little Children and many others.   


Members of the band are dedicated mentors to the next generation of musicians. Always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire young people, they have been deeply involved in the local JAM (Junior Appalachian Musicians) program, music camps, schools and more. 

Josh Carter- Mandolin

Owen Grooms- Banjo

Mallory Carter- Percussion

Jonathan Grey (not in photo)- Bass

Jackson Dulaney- Dobro


Pretty Little Goat sees traditional music is a living art form; vibrant and evolving. Their debut self-titled album released in 2016 presents unique interpretations of old-time songs and tunes along with original material. The Goats' second album, "Let The Sun Shine In," is full of groovy original music that is "as close as we will ever be to our past while being as current as we need it to be" (Mike Ashworth, Steep Canyon Rangers)."
The Goat's latest album "Big Storm" continues the saga with an album of catchy original and traditional music that is sure to stick with you.

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944 Old Rosman Highway
Brevard, NC 28712

(828) 242-1976

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