First up is our self-titled album "Pretty Little Goat Stringband".  The original five-piece group included Mallory Carter on percussion, Josh Carter on mandolin, Owen Grooms on banjo, JT Linville on bass and Tim Fisher on fiddle.  Our focus was mainly on traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes.  There is one original song on here, and the rest are our own unique versions of very old songs and tunes.  2016
With This Same five piece group, Pretty Little Goat went down to the legendary Studio B at WNCW 88.7 for a live session.  Here are a few tracks they recorded, mixed and mastered from the show.  2017
2019 marks a big change in Pretty Little Goat.  After our fiddler left the group, the band was faced with a choice: to find another fiddler and keep focusing on fiddle music, or just stick with the 4 piece and focus more on original music?  We chose the latter.  This album still includes a few old fiddle tunes.  We brought in many guest artists to help bring this album to life in the studio.  Let The Sun Shine In is our first album that features mostly original Music.  Here is the forward written by Michael Ashworth of the Steep Canyon Rangers:

"The Appalachian tradition is passed down by hand and by mouth.  All skills necessary to survive were learned by watching or listening.  Appalachian art was learned the same way.  Our stories came from our elders.  We recall our stories and lessons in the exact same timbre and pitch as we heard them.  We carve our wood with the same strokes our grandfathers used.  We bake our foods the same way our grandmothers did.

It is in this tradition that we learn our music.  It comes to us by ear and leaves our bodies through our hands, ever changing.  What does it sound like when tradition evolves?  When we honor our past with excitement for our present?

It sounds like Pretty Little Goat.

Within the walls of this room, this album, lay the same traditions and stories from our ancestors.  The same time honored sound coupled with an energy that is decidedly not traditional.  It's exciting and new and fresh.  It feels like going home and being young in a time that none of us ever lived in.  In this room are stories of love and loss and the heartache of all that comes with being Appalachian.  Soak this all in, because it's as close as we will ever be to our past while being as current as we need it to be."
Live at Isis Music Hall is a testament to the countless hours this band has spent playing together.  Joined by local legend Jackson Dulaney, Pretty Little Goat plays to a packed house at one of the best intimate venues around.  The concert was on the winter solstice in December 2019 and released shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US in early 2020.

Side Projects

Owen Grooms is a prolific banjo player.  He plays with many different groups, but particularly loves playing with fiddlers to honor the traditional sound of fiddle and banjo together.  His album plunk is a tip of the hat to old-time fiddle-banjo music. 2019
As the pandemic hit, Josh Carter took it upon himself to learn how to produce music from home.  With not much more than a laptop and a couple microphones, he eagerly tackled the challenge of recording a short instrumental album.

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